Voici les dates des livraisons dans vos régions :

- 27 et 28 mai : Bretagne

- du 3 au 8 juin : Normandie

- du 10 au 25 juin : Paris

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Le Vin Blanc 2012 : quel caractère !

Le Vin Blanc 2012, sec et fruité, s'expose et prend du galon avec deux médailles :

 - Médaille d'Or au Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2013

- Médaille d'Argent au Mondial du Sauvignon 2013

Pour fêter l'évènement, une nouvelle étiquette l'habille, flatterie de vos sens.


Le Domaine du Cassard


The Domain of Cassard is a family's story.

Since 1947, after two generations and succcessive purchases of plots of land, Bernard Billières has passed on his knowledge and his  exploitation to his son Erick. The exploitation is  composed  of 16 ha of red  wine and 6 ha of white wine, in January, 2010.

In December of the same year, the Domain gets bigger by the purchase of the Domaine des Quatre Vents (Domain of Four Winds): 15Ha of red and 5Ha of white perfectly exposed on the nearby hillside.


The Vineyard is located  in the North of Blaye (65 km in the North of Bordeaux), on south-facing stony  outcrops. These very dry soils are perfectly suitable for the growing of quality wines.


The proximity of the  Gironde estuary ,  with his temperate maritime climate, provides excellent conditions for the grapes's ripening.

Initially dominated by the Colombard  and the white Ugni graps, a replantation's process is ongoing since  twenty years by noble wine of the Bordeaux region:

- For red wine : red Merlot 60 %, Cabernet Sauvignon 30 %, Malbec 5 %, Cabernet frank 5 %

- For the white wine : Sauvignon 70 %, Sémillon 25 %, Muscadelle 5 %


The varieties of graps allows the creation of many products:

Blaye-Côtes of red Bordeaux, Blaye-Côtes of white Bordeaux, Bordeaux Clairet, Cremating of raw or dry Bordeaux.


Numerous awards wined at  the General Competition  of Paris, confirm our desire to change and modernize our property. Our technique of wine processing and the the soils'quality allow  us to obtain wines of quality appreciated by all.


Our commercialization  consists in   visits and  tastings at our vineyard,  sales at the La Palmyre, Meschers and Royan markets, as well as  home deliveries and  export.

We are happy to have been able to build a relation of confidence with our private customers located both in France (85 %) and abroad (15 %).